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OpenStack Foundation successfully launched the version 1.0 of its first non-OpenStack project, Kata Containers.

Kata containers is a result of the combination of two leading open source virtualized container projects, Intel’s Clear Containers and Hyper’s runV technology. Kata Containers enable developers to have a, lighter, faster, and an agile container management technology across stacks and platforms. Developers can have a more container-like experience with security and isolation features.

Kata Containers deliver an OCLI compatible runtime with seamless integration for Docker and Kubernetes. They execute a lightweight VM for every container such that every container gets similar hardware isolation as expected from a virtual machine. Although, hosted by OpenStack foundation, Kata Containers are assumed to be platform and architecture agnostic.

Kata Containers 1.0 components include:

Intel, RedHat, Canonical and cloud vendors such as Google, Huawei, NetApp, and others have offered to financially support the Kata Containers Project.

Read more about Kata containers on their official website and on the GitHub Repo.

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