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Introducing Netlify Dev for Local Testing and Live Stream Preview Capabilities

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Yesterday, the team at Netlify announced the new Netlify Dev for local testing and live stream preview capabilities. Web developers can now locally test serverless functions, API integrations, and CDN Logic; thus promoting instant progress sharing.. They can now have access to capabilities of the Netlify platform on their laptops which means they no longer have to wait for staging or production to test and get feedback on their websites and applications. Developers can live-stream their development server to a cloud URL and share updates as the code and content changes.

In a statement to Business Wire, Kent C. Dodds, software engineer and educator, said, “Netlify has a knack for simplifying things that are hard so I can focus on building my web application, and Netlify Dev is another example of that. “I’m excited about being able to simply develop, test, and debug my Netlify web applications with one simple command.”

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Netlify has compiled its entire edge redirect engine into WebAssembly so developers can locally test before deploying to production. They can now write and validate AWS Lambda functions in the Netlify CLI using modern JavaScript and also deploy them as full API endpoints.

Mathias Biilmann, CEO, said, “Netlify is obsessed with developer productivity for building modern sites on the JAMstack. The new local test and share capabilities of Netlify Dev provide a single, simplified workflow that brings everything together—from the earliest code to production global deployment.

Netlify Dev can automatically detect common tools like Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, React Static, Eleventy and more. It also provides a single development server and workflow. New and existing users can use Netlify Dev by installing or updating the Netlify CLI for creating new sites, setting up continuous deployment and for pushing new deployments.

The new features of Netlify Dev are tightly coupled with Netlify’s git-based workflow for team collaboration. Netlify brings an instant CI/CD pipeline for the developers who work in Git so that every commit and pull request can build the site into a deploy preview. Developers can easily build and collaborate in the full production environment.

To know more about this news, check out Netlify’s official page.

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