Introducing MapD Cloud, the first Analytics Platform with GPU Acceleration on Cloud

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California-based Big Data Analytics provider MapD Technologies announced MapD Cloud, a SAAS based analytics platform providing data scientists and big data buddies with one-click access to visual analytics with GPU acceleration. The platform is built and engineered for high scalability and speedy operations on hefty volumes of structured data sets.

Backed with its enterprise technology MapD Core and NVIDIA GPUs, the cloud platform equips users with the capability of mining billions of datasets in just few milliseconds. No more waiting to get a real-time experience of analytics.

Capabilities and Offerings of MapD Cloud:

  • Multisource Dashboards & Multi Layer Geo charts
  • Cross Filtering
  • Geospatial Context
  • Dashboard Auto refresh
  • Advanced Security
  • High Availability & Distributed Scale-out
  • API Access to Apache Sqoop™, Apache Kafka® Import, Apache Thrift™ API, ODBC/JDBC and DB-API

Apart from this, the cloud platform keeps you updated with its upgrades and changing innovations from time to time. With MapD Cloud, you no longer need heavy GPU hardware for your machine learning and deep learning initiatives. The platform provides complete security for your sensitive and rich datasets with 24/7 non-stop cloud availability.

The co-founder of the world’s largest software registry firm, npm Inc adds, “With more than 18 billion downloads per month and doubling every 9 months, we have a ton of data to sift through to spot trends and diagnose problems. MapD Cloud lets us answer questions about our community and explore trends in all the different dimensions of our data in real time. We’re excited about MapD Cloud, which will give us all that power in a convenient, scalable way.”

The MapD Cloud is available for all users with different price points offering subscription as low as $150 a month, for almost 10 million-row structured data sets. Moreover, it also allows users a free two-week trial period for almost 100 million rows of data.

To know more about MapD Cloud, visit the MapD website.

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