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Yesterday, GitLab and TriggerMesh introduced GitLab Serverless which helps enterprises run serverless workloads on any cloud with the help of Google’s Kubernetes-based platform Knative, which is used to build, deploy, and manage serverless workloads.

GitLab Serverless enables businesses in deploying serverless functions and applications on any cloud or infrastructure from GitLab UI by using Knative. GitLab Serverless is scheduled for public release on 22 December 2018 and will be available in GitLab 11.6. It involves a technology developed by TriggerMesh, a multi cloud serverless platform, for enabling businesses to run serverless workloads on Kubernetes.

Sid Sijbrandij, co-founder and CEO of GitLab said, “We’re pleased to offer cloud-agnostic serverless as a built-in part of GitLab’s end-to-end DevOps experience, allowing organizations to go from planning to monitoring in a single application.”

Functions as a service (Faas)

With GitLab Serverless, users can run their own Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) on any infrastructure without worrying about vendor lock-in. FaaS allows users to write small and discrete units of code with event-based execution. While deploying the code, developers need not worry about the infrastructure it will run on. It saves resources as the code executes only when needed, so resources don’t get used while the app is idle.

Kubernetes and Knative

Flexibility and portability can be achieved by running serverless workloads on Kubernetes. The Serverless uses Knative for creating a seamless experience for the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Deploy on any infrastructure

With Serverless, users can deploy to any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. GitLab can connect to any Kubernetes cluster so users can choose to run their serverless workloads anywhere Kubernetes runs.

Auto-scaling with ‘scale to zero’

The Kubernetes cluster automatically scales up and down based on the load. The “Scale to zero” is used for stopping consumption of resources when there are no requests.

To know more about this news, check out the official announcement.

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