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Last week, Amazon CloudWatch, a monitoring and management service, introduced Automatic Dashboards for monitoring all the AWS resources. These Automatic Dashboards are available in  AWS public regions with no additional charges.

Through CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards, users can now get aggregated views of health and performance of all the AWS resources. This allows users to quickly monitor, explore user accounts and resource-based view of metrics and alarms, and easily drill-down to understand the root cause of performance issues. Once identified, users can quickly act by going directly to the AWS resource.

Features of these Automatic Dashboards are:

  • They are pre-built with AWS services recommended best practices
  • They remain resource aware
  • These dashboards are dynamically updated to reflect the latest state of important performance metrics
  • Users can filter and troubleshoot to a specific view without additional code to reflect the latest state of one’s AWS resources.

To know more about Automatic Dashboards in detail, visit its official website.

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