Introducing ActiveState State Tool, a CLI tool to automate dev & test setups, workflows, share secrets and manage ad-hoc tasks

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Today, the team at ActiveState, a software-based company known for building Perl, Python and Tcl runtime environments introduced the ActiveState Platform Command Line Interface (CLI), the State Tool. This new CLI tool aims at automating manual tasks such as the setup of development and test systems. With this tool, all instructions in the Readme can easily be reduced to a single command.

How can the State Tool benefit the developers?

Eases ad-hoc tasks

The State Tool can address tasks that cause trouble to developers at project setup or environment setups that don’t work the first time. It also helps developers in managing dependencies, system libraries and other such tasks that affect productivity. These tasks usually end up consuming developers’ coding time. The State Tool can be used to automate all of the ad hoc tasks that developers come across on a daily basis.

Deployment of runtime environment

With this tool, developers can now deploy a consistent runtime environment into a virtual environment on their machine and across CI/CD systems with a single command.

Sharing secrets and cross-platform scripts

Developers can now centrally create secrets that can be securely shared among team members without the need of using a password manager, email, or Slack. They can create and share cross-platform scripts that include secrets for starting off the builds and run tests as well as simplifying and speeding up common development tasks. Developers can incorporate their secrets in the scripts by simply referencing their names.

Automation of workflows

All the workflows that developers handle can now get centrally automated with this tool.

Jeff Rouse, vice president, product management, said in a statement, “Developers are a hardy bunch. They suffer through a thousand annoyances at project startup/restart time, but soldier on anyway. It’s just the way things have always been done. With the State Tool, it doesn’t have to stay that way. The State Tool addresses all the hidden costs in a project that sap developer productivity. This includes automating environment setup to secrets sharing, and even automating the day to day scripts that everyone counts on to get their jobs done. Developers can finally stop solving the same annoying problems over and over again, and just rely on the State Tool so they can spend more time coding.”

To know more about this news, check out the official page.

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