Integrating Twitter with Magento

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Integrating your Magento website with Twitter is a useful way to stay connected with your customers. You’ll need a Twitter account (or more specifically an account for your business)  but once that’s in place it’s actually pretty easy.

Adding a ‘Follow Us On Twitter’ button to your Magento store

One of the more simple ways to integrate your store’s Twitter feed with Magento is to add a ‘Follow Us On Twitter’ button to your store’s design.

Generating the markup from the Twitter website

Go to the Twitter Goodies website ():

Select the Follow Buttons option and then select the Looking for Follow us on Twitter buttons? towards the bottom of the screen:

The buttons will now change to the FOLLOW US ON Twitter buttons:

Select the style of button you’d like to make use of on your Magento store and then select the generated HTML that is provided in the pop-up that is displayed:

The generated HTML for the M2 Store’s Twitter account (with the username of M2MagentoStore) looks like the following:

<a href=””>
<img src=””
alt=”Follow M2MagentoStore on Twitter”/>

Adding a static block in Magento for your Twitter button

Now you will need to create a new static block in the Magento CMS feature: navigate to CMS Static Blocks| in your Magento store’s administration panel and click on Add New Block.

As you did when creating a static block for the supplier logos used in your store’s footer, complete the form to create the new static block. Add the Follow Us On Twitter button to the Content field by disabling the Rich Text Editor with the Show/Hide Editor button and pasting in the markup you generated previously:

You don’t need to upload an image to your store through Magento’s CMS here as the Twitter buttons are hosted elsewhere.

Note that the Identifier field reads follow-twitter—you will need this for the layout changes you are about to make!


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