Instaclustr releases three open source projects for Apache Cassandra database users

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Yesterday, Instaclustr released three open source projects easing Cassandra-Kubernetes Integration and LDAP/Kerberos Authentication. These three projects include a Cassandra operator for Kubernetes, LDAP authenticator, and Kerberos authenticator plugins.

Cassandra on Kubernetes

The Cassandra operator functions as a Cassandra-as-a-Service on Kubernetes, making it easier for developers to combine these technologies. The Cassandra operator provides a consistent environment and set of operations that are reproducible across production clusters and development, staging, and QA environments. The Cassandra operator is now ready to use in development environments through GitHub. Enterprise support for the Cassandra operator will start next year.

LDAP authenticator

The LDAP authenticator plug-in enables developers to benefit from the secure LDAP authentication without any need to write their own solutions and to transition to using the authenticator with zero downtime. The LDAP authenticator is freely available on GitHub, along with setup and usage instructions.

Kerberos authenticator

The Kerberos authenticator makes Kerberos’ secure authentication and true single sign-on capabilities available to developers using Apache Cassandra. This project also includes a Kerberos authenticator plugin for the Cassandra Java driver.

With these open source projects, we’ve set out to empower any developer who wishes to pair Cassandra with Kubernetes, or take advantage of LDAP or Kerberos authentication within their Cassandra deployments. We invite anyone interested to join our community of contributors, and suggest or offer improvements to these open source projects.” said Ben Bromhead, CTO.

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