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Infosys recently announced its partnership with Siemens to build applications for Siemens’ open cloud-based IoT operating system, Mindsphere.

Mindsphere connects real-world objects (industrial machinery, systems, equipments and so on) to the digital world with the help of IoT using advanced analytics. It provides industry applications and services to help businesses achieve success.

With this collaboration, Infosys and Siemens will enable customers to leverage the true power of data generated by their devices. The initial focus as company plans will be on customers in the manufacturing, energy, utilities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation, and logistics industry.

How Infosys plans to help Siemen’s Mindsphere:

  • Infosys plans to offer end-to-end implementation services and post-implementation support for Mindsphere
  • It will be using its repository of Industry 4.0 accelerators, platform tools, etc. to help customers get quickly on board
  • Will enhance customers to have an efficient experience by using data analytics features such as predictive maintenance and end-to-end factory visibility
  • Customers will also benefit by monetizing new data-driven services

Ravi Kumar S, President and Deputy COO, Infosys, says, “There is an increasing need for enterprises to accelerate their digital journey and to deliver new and innovative services. This partnership will help us bring exciting solutions to our customers that will combine strategic insights and execution excellence.”

With Infosys’ expertise in the field of industrial engineering, industrial analytics, AR and VR and with Siemens’ strength in manufacturing industrial assets brings valuable digital services to customers from different sectors.

Know more about the partnership alliance on the Infosys Blog post.

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