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It is predicted that, by 2025, the car market for partially autonomous vehicles will hit 36 billion U.S. dollars. The autonomous car is expected to take the market by storm. A thriving example is the Tesla Autopilot, which has driven over 1.4 billion estimated miles as this post goes live.

As the autonomous car sector grows,  skilled individuals are highly in demand for employment in this domain. Top companies have already started their hiring process to get people on board. Last week the Indeeds analytics team put together a list of companies that had job descriptions related to ‘autonomous vehicles’.

Here is the list of top companies hiring for autonomous vehicle jobs:

Source: Indeed.com

The company to top the charts is  Aptiv. Aptiv operates out of the Detroit metro area and is focused on self-driving and connected vehicles. The company plans to add around 5,000 to 6,000 employees .

Following Aptiv is NVIDIA, a company well known for making chip units. NVIDIA is responsible for making the computers that power self-driving capabilities in every Tesla vehicle. Along with Tesla, the company has also partnered with Audi to build autonomous-driving capabilities.

Two of the biggest auto manufacturers based in Detroit, General Motors and Ford, are at number three and number four respectively. Both companies have shown interest and invested heavily in recent years in technology for autonomous vehicles.

The rest of the list comprises of newer companies testing the waters of autonomous vehicles. Intel, surprisingly stands at number eight. Looks like this company- known for making semiconductor chips and personal computer microprocessors- is also showing a growing interest in this domain. Samsung Semiconductor also makes it to this list along with Flex.

Skills needed for jobs in autonomous vehicle

According to Indeed, here is the list of the top 10 skills individuals looking for a job in the self-driving car domain must possess.

Source: Indeed.com

As seen from the list, most of these skills are programming related. This list comes as a  surprise to automobile engineers who are not concerned with software development at all.

Along with programming languages like C, C++; individuals are also expected to have a sound knowledge on Image processing and Artificial Intelligence.
This is not surprising, considering that posts for AI-related roles on Indeed have almost doubled between June 2015 and June 2018.

While there is no strong evidence that this sector will flourish in the future, it is clear that companies have their eye on this domain. It would be interesting to see the kind of skill set this domain encourages individuals to develop.
To know more about this report, head over to Indeed.com.

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