IBM Files Patent for “Managing a Database Management System using a Blockchain Database”

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IBM has added yet another to achievement to its kitty by receiving a patent application grant for “Managing a Database Management System using a Blockchain Database.” This patent was solely for the purpose of developing a database tampering detection system [DT-DS].

It’s no secret that IBM deals with huge amounts of data which are highly confidential and sensitive in nature due to the various services it provides its consumers. It is for this reason that the patent was filed on 22nd  December, 2017 (As per the records of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ).

What the Patent states

The proposed system would detect data tampering of any kind stored in a central database. A partial copy of the same data is stored on the blockchain database.

The patent states that, Aspects of the disclosure include a method, system, and computer program product for managing a database management system (DBMS),

The patent further adds that, A central database to include a set of central data may be structured with respect to the DBMS. A blockchain database which is linked with the central database may be constructed with respect to the DBMS. A set of blockchain data may be established in the blockchain database corresponding to the set of central data of the central database.
The DBMS should receive an access request to enable the system to be accessed by the sender.  Once the DBMS receives the access request, both the central database and the blockchain database would be maintained simultaneously.

This initiative on IBM’s part to leverage the blockchain technology depicts its growing interest in blockchains’ potentialities. The grassroots began with its contribution to  Fabric, a permission blockchain framework aimed at integration projects. IBM already offers IBM D2. This supports database management, operational database, data warehouse, data lake, and fast data. A step to append blockchain in existing systems would definitely assist IBM to resolve issues related to data inconsistencies and security loopholes.

The internet is abuzz with the wonders of the blockchain technology and IBM seems to completely concur with the same. IBM has always trusted the blockchain to bring about a new generation of transactional applications that strengthen the trust, accountability, and transparency. We couldn’t agree more!
Want to know more about the patent? Head over to for a more in-depth coverage.

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