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Huawei launched the P20 to considerable acclaim. But the launch features news that’s even more exciting – particularly if you’re a machine learning developer/aficionado. The Chinese telecoms giant has launched HiAI, its artificial intelligence engine, to coincide with the P20’s release.

What is HiAI?

HiAI is Huawei’s AI engine. It will power applications on the new P20 mobile, giving users an experience that contains some of the most exciting artificial intelligence capabilities on the planet. But more importantly, it will also open up new opportunities for mobile developers and machine learning engineers. Engineers can now download the Driver Development Kit (DDK), IDE and SDK to begin using HiAI.

HiAI’s key features

Huawei has made sure HiAI brings a range of artificial intelligence features – it certainly looks like it should be enough to ensure they are competing with other innovators in the space. Here are some of the key features of the software:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition – this isn’t available outside of China at the moment. Essentially, it turns human speech into text.
  • Natural Language Understanding engine – The Natural Language Understanding engine complements the work done by the ASR engine above. Essentially, it allows a computer to ‘interpret’ various dimensions of human language and ‘act’ accordingly.
  • Computer vision – Computer vision is what makes a number of popular mobile apps possible – for example, in aging software, or even Snapchat where you can add filters. HiAI includes a computer vision engine which is capable of facial and object recognition

HiAI is going to only make Huawei’s new phone even better – the more applications that are able to utilize artificial intelligence, the more attractive the phone will be to consumers. Certainly, Huawei is an underrated giant of the telecoms space, particularly when it comes to consumer tech. With its new artificial intelligence engine, it might have created something that could be the beginning of more success and greater market share outside of China.

Learn more on Huawei’s website.

Source: XDA

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