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Data tells you what is happening, but stories tell you why it matters. Tableau story points and dashboards are useful features in Tableau that are helping to drive an evolution in data storytelling.

This clip is taken from the video Tableau Data Stories for Everyone by Fabio Fierro.

The challenge of data storytelling

The challenge for a ‘data storyteller’ is to act as a bridge between raw data, insights, and the world outside them where those insights actually matter and can have an impact on decision making. By intelligently plotting data in a way that’s both clear and engaging, you can help stakeholders – whether that’s senior management or customers – better understand the context of your data and appreciate the connections you are trying to draw in your analytical work.

There are a number of different data storytelling techniques you can use when working with Tableau to more effectively communicate with your audience. These include:

    • Looking at changes over time
    • Drilling down into interesting details of your analysis
    • Zooming out to show a broad view on what your analysis might show
    • The contrast shows to highlight interesting points of difference that could be useful for your audience
    • Intersections highlight important shifts when one category overtakes other.
    • Factors explain a subject by dividing it into types or categories and discussing if a subcategory needs to be focused on more.
    • Outliers display anomalies which are exceptionally different.

Watch the clip above to learn more about how you can use Tableau for incredible data storytelling.

About the author

Fabio Fierro is a Chief consultant of a group of Tableau experts and storytellers. He has several years’ experience in delivering end-to-end business intelligence solution within the corporate world. As a business analyst, he enjoys creating innovative solutions to analyze any kind of data.

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