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If you are a busy person who is finding it difficult to decide a Halloween costume for your office party tomorrow or for your kid’s trick-or-treating madness, here are some geeky Halloween costume ideas that will make the inner data nerd in you proud!

Apache Hadoop

Be the cute little yellow baby elephant everyone wants to cuddle. Just grab all the yellow clothes you have. If you don’t, borrow them. Don’t forget to stuff in mini cushions in you. Pop in loads of candy in your mouth. And there, you’re all set to be as the dominant but the cutest framework! Cuteness overloaded.

Apache Hive

Be the buzz of your Halloween party by going as a top Apache data warehouse. What to wear you ask? Hum around wearing a yellow and white striped dress or a shirt. Compliment your outfit with a pair of black wings, headband with antennae and a small pot of honey.  

Apache Storm

An X-Men fan are you? Go as Storm, the popular fictional superhero. Wear a black bodysuit (leather if possible). Drape a long cape. Put on a grey wig. And channel your inner power. Perhaps people would be able to see the powerful weather-controlling mutant in you and also recognize your ability to process streaming data in real time.

Apache Kafka

Go all out gothic with an Apache Kafka costume. Dress in a serious black dress and gothic makeup. Don’t forget your black butterfly wings and a choker necklace with linked circles. Keep asking existential questions to random people at the party to throw them off balance.

Apache Giraph

Put on a yellow tee and brown trousers, cut out some brown imperfect circles and paste them on your tee. Put on a brown cap, and paint your ears brown. Draw some graph representations using a marker all over your hands and palms. You are now Apache Giraph.

Apache Singa

Be the blend of a flexible Apache Singa with the ferocity of a lion this Halloween! All you need is a yellow tee paired with light brown trousers. Wear a lion’s wig. Grab a mascara and draw some strokes on your cheeks. Paint the tip of your nose using a brown watercolour or some melted chocolate.

Apache Spark

If you have obsessed over Pokémon Go and equally love the lightning blaze data processing speed of Apache Spark, you should definitely go as the leader of Pokémon Go’s Team Instinct. Spark wears an orange hoodie, a black and yellow leather jacket, black jeans and orange gloves. Do remember to carry your Pokemon balls in case you are challenged for a battle.

Apache Pig

A dark blue dungaree paired with a baby pink tee, a pair of white gloves, purple shoes and yes, a baby pink chart paper cut out of the pig’s face. Wear all of this on and you will look like an Apache Pig. Complement the look with a wide grin when you make an entrance.

Two baby boys dressed in animal costumes in autumn park, focus on baby in elephant costume

Happy Haloween folks! Watch this space for more data science themed Haloween costume ideas tomorrow.



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