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Are you a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, an AI researcher or simply a data enthusiast? Channel the inner data science nerd within you with these geeky ideas for your Halloween costumes!

The Data Science Spectrum

Don’t know what to go as to this evening’s party because you’ve been busy cleaning that terrifying data? Don’t worry, here are some easy-to-put-together Halloween costume ideas just for you.


Big Data

Go as Baymax, the healthcare robot, (who can also turn into battle mode when required). Grab all white clothes that you have. Stuff your tummy with some pillows and wear a white mask with cutouts for eyes. You are all ready to save the world. In fact, convince a friend or your brother to go as Hiro!


A.I. agent

Enter as Agent Smith, the AI antagonist, this Halloween. Lure everyone with your bold black suit paired with a white shirt and a black tie. A pair of polarized sunglasses would replicate you as the AI agent. Capture the crowd by being the most intelligent and cold-hearted personality of all.


Data Miner

Put on your dungaree with a tee. Fix a flashlight atop your cap. Grab a pickaxe from the gardening toolkit, if you have one. Stripe some mud onto your face. Enter the party wheeling with loads of data boxes that you have freshly mined. You’ll definitely grab some traffic for data. Unstructured data anyone?


Data Lake

Go as a Data lake this Halloween. Simply grab any blue item from your closet. Draw some fishes, crabs, and weeds. (Use a child’s marker for that). After all, it represents the data you have. And you’re all set.


Dark Data

Unleash the darkness within your soul! Just kidding. You don’t actually have to turn to the evil side. Just coming up with your favorite black-costume character would do. Looking for inspiration? Maybe, a witch, The dark knight, or The Darth Vader.



A fluffy, white cloud is what you need to be this Halloween. Raid your nearby drug store for loads of cotton balls. Better still, tear up that old pillow you have been meaning to throw away for a while. Use the fiber inside to glue onto an unused tee. You will be the cutest cloud ever seen. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella in case you turn grey!


Predictive Analytics

Make your own paper wizard hat with silver stars and moons pasted on it. If you can arrange for an advocate gown, it would be great. Else you could use a long black bed sheet as a cape. And most importantly, a crystal ball to show off some prediction stunts at the Halloween.


Gradient boosting

Enter Halloween as the energy booster. Wear what you want. Grab loads of empty energy drink tetra packs and stick it all over you. Place one on your head too. Wear a nameplate that says “ G-booster Energy drink”. Fuel up some weak models this Halloween.



Wear head to toe black. In fact, paint your face black as well, like the Grim reaper. Then grab a cardboard piece. Cut out a circle, paint it orange, and then draw a gold B symbol, just like you see in a bitcoin. This Halloween costume will definitely grab you the much-needed attention just as this popular cryptocurrency.



Are you a fan of IoT and the massive popularity it has gained? Then you should definitely dress up as your web-slinging, friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Just grab a spiderman costume from any costume store and attach some handmade web slings. Remember to connect with people by displaying your IoT knowledge.


Self-driving car

Choose a mono-color outfit of your choice (P.S. The color you would choose for your car). Cut out four wheels and paste two on your lower calves and two on your arms. Cut out headlights too. Put on a wiper goggle. And yes you do not need a steering wheel or the brakes, clutch and the accelerator. Enter the Halloween at your own pace, go self-driving this Halloween. Bonus point: You can call yourself Bumblebee or Optimus Prime.

Machine Learning and Deep learning Frameworks

If machine learning or deep learning is your forte, here are some fresh Halloween costume ideas based on some of the popular frameworks in that space.



Flame up the party with a costume inspired by the fantastic four superhero, Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch. Wear a yellow tee and orange slacks. Draw some orange flames on your tee. And finally, wear a flame-inspired headband. Someone is a hot machine learning library!



No efforts for this one. Just arrange for a pumpkin costume, paste a paper cut-out of the TensorFlow logo and wear it as a crown. Go as the most powerful and widely popular deep learning library. You will be the star of the Halloween as you are a Google Kid.



Go as your favorite Starbucks coffee this Halloween. Wear any of your brown dress/ tee. Draw or stick a Starbucks logo. And then add frothing to the top by bunching up a cream-colored sheet. Mamma Mia!



Go as a Panda this Halloween! Better still go as a group of Pandas. The best option is to buy a panda costume. But if you don’t want that, wear a white tee, black slacks, black goggles and some cardboard cutouts for ears. This will make you not only the cutest animal in the party but also a top data manipulation library. Good luck finding your python in the party by the way.


Jupyter Notebook

Go as a top trending open-source web application by dressing up as the largest planet in our solar system. People would surely be intimidated by your mass and also by your computing power.



Go to Halloween as a world famous open source deep learning platform. No, no, you don’t have to go as the platform itself. Instead go as the chemical alter-ego, water. Wear all blue and then grab some leftover asymmetric, blue cloth pieces to stick at your sides. Thirsty anyone?

Data Viz & Analytics Tools

If you’re all about analytics and visualization, grab the attention of every data geek in your party by dressing up as your favorite data insight tools.



Grab an old white tee and paint some green horizontal stripes. You’re all ready to go as the most widely used spreadsheet. The simplest of costumes, yet the most useful – a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion.



If you have seriously run out of all costume ideas, going out as MatLab is your only solution. Just grab a blue tablecloth. Stick or sew it with some orange curtain and throw it over your head. You’re all ready to go as the multi-paradigm numerical computing environment.



Wear a brown overall, a brown wig, and paint your face brown. Make an orange beak out of a chart paper, and wear a pair orange stockings/ socks with your trousers tucked in. You are all set to enter as a data mining bird with ML algorithms and Java under your wings.



Go all Shimmery!! Get some glitter powder and put it all over you. (You’ll have a tough time removing it though). Else choose a glittery outfit, with glittery shoes, and touch-up with some glitter on your face. Let the party see the bling of R that you bring. You will be the attractive storyteller out there.



A colorful polka-dotted outfit and some dim lights to do the magic. You are all ready to grab the show with such a dazzle. Make sure you enter the party gates with Python. An eye-catching beauty with the beast pair.



Enter the Halloween as one of your favorite characters from history. But there is a term and condition for this: You cannot talk or move. Enjoy your Halloween by being still. Weird, but you’ll definitely grab everyone’s eye.


Microsoft Power BI

Power up your Halloween party by entering as a data insights superhero. Wear a yellow turtleneck, a stylish black leather jacket, black pants, some mid-thigh high boots and a slick attitude. You’re ready to save your party!

Data Science oriented Programming languages

These hand-picked Halloween costume ideas are for you if you consider yourself a top coder. By a top coder we mean you’re all about learning new programming languages in your spare and, well, your not so spare time.  



Easy peasy as the language looks, the reptile is not that easy to handle. A pair of python-printed shirt and trousers would do the job. You could be getting more people giving you candies some out of fear, other out of the ease. Definitely, go as a top trending and a go-to language which everyone loves! And yes, don’t forget the fangs.



Grab an eye patch and your favorite leather pants. Wear a loose white shirt with some rugged waistcoat and a sword. Here you are all decked up as a pirate for your next loot. You’ll surely thank me for giving you a brilliant Halloween idea. But yes! Don’t forget to make that Arrrr (R) noise!



Go as a freshly roasted coffee bean! People in your Halloween party would be allured by your aroma. They would definitely compliment your unique idea and also the fact that you’re the most popular programming language.



March in your Halloween party up as a Special Airforce Service (SAS) agent. You would be disciplined, accurate, precise and smart. Just like the advanced software suite that goes by the same name. You would need a full black military costume, with a gas mask, some fake ammunition from a nearby toy store, and some attitude of course!



If you pride yourself on being very organized or are a stickler for the rules, you should go as SQL this Halloween. Prep-up yourself with an overall blue outfit. Spike up your hair and spray some temporary green hair color. Cut out bold letters S, Q, and L from a plain white paper and stick them on your chest. You are now ready to enter the Halloween party as the most popular database of all times. Sink in all the data that you collect this Halloween.



If Scala is your favorite programming language, add a spring to your Halloween by going as, well, a spring! Wear the brightest red that you have. Using a marker, draw some swirls around your body (You can ask your mom to help). Just remember to elucidate a 3D picture. And you’re all set.



If you want to make a red carpet entrance to your Halloween party, go as the Academy award-winning actress, Julia Roberts. You can even take up inspiration from her character in the 90s hit film Pretty Woman. For extra oomph, wear a pink, red, and purple necklace to highlight the Julia programming language



Act pricey this Halloween. Be the elegant, dynamic yet simple programming language. Go blood red, wear on your brightest red lipstick, red pumps, dazzle up with all the red accessories that you have. You’ll definitely gather some secret admirers around the hall.



Go as the mascot of Go, the top trending programming language. All you need is a blue mouse costume. Fear not if you don’t have one. Just wear a powder blue jumpsuit, grab a baby pink nose, and clip on a fake single, large front tooth. Ready for the party!



Go as a numerically competent programming language. And if that doesn’t sound very trendy, go as piano keys depicting an octave. You simply need to wear all white and divide your space into 8 sections. Then draw 5 horizontal black stripes. You won’t be able to do that vertically, well, because they are a big number. Here you go, you’re all set to fill the party with your melody.

Fancy an AI system inspired Halloween costume?

This is for you if you love the way AI works and the enigma that it has thrown around the world. This is for you if you are spellbound with AI magic. You should go dressed as one of these at your Halloween party this season. Just pick up the AI you want to look like and follow as advised.


IBM Watson

Wear a dark blue hat, a matching long overcoat, a vest and a pale blue shirt with a dark tie tucked into the vest. Complement it with a mustache and a brooding look. You are now ready to be IBM Watson at your Halloween party.


Apple Siri

If you want to be all cool and sophisticated like the Apple’s Siri, wear an alluring black turtleneck dress. Don’t forget to carry your latest iPhone and air pods. Be sure you don’t have a sore throat, in case someone needs your assistance.


Microsoft Cortana

If Microsoft Cortana is your choice of voice assistant, dress up as Cortana, the fictional synthetic intelligence character in the Halo video game series. Wear a blue bodysuit. Get a bob if you’re daring. (A wig would also do). Paint some dark blue robot like designs over your body and well, your face. And you’re all set.


Salesforce Einstein

Dress up as the world’s most famous physicist and also an AI-powered CRM. How? Just grab a white shirt, a blue pullover and a blue tie (Salesforce colors). Finish your look with a brown tweed coat, brown pants and shoes, a rugged white wig and mustache, and a deep thought on your face.


Facebook Jarvis

Get inspired by the Iron man’s Jarvis, the coolest A.I. in the Marvel universe. Just grab a plexiglass, draw some holograms and technological symbols over it with a neon marker. (Try to keep the color palette in shades of blues and reds). And fix this plexiglass in a curved fashion in front of your face by a headband. Do practice saying “Hello Mr. Stark.” 


Amazon Echo

This is also an easy one. Grab a long, black chart paper. Roll it around in a tube form around your body. Draw the Amazon symbol at the bottom with some glittery, silver sketch pen, color your hair blue, and there you go. If you have a girlfriend, convince her to go as Amazon Alexa.


SAP Leonardo

Put on a hat, wear a long cloak, some fake overgrown mustache, and beard. Accessorize with a color palette and a paintbrush. You will be the Leonardo da Vinci of the Halloween party. Wait a minute, don’t forget to cut out SAP initials and stick them on your cap. After all, you are entering as SAP’s very own digital revolution system.


Intel Neon

Deck the Halloween hall with a Harley Quinn costume. For some extra dramatization, roll up some neon blue lights around your head. Create an Intel logo out of some blue neon lights and wear it as your neckpiece.


Microsoft Brainwave

This one will require a DIY task. Arrange for a red and green t-shirt, cut them into a vertical half. Stitch it in such a way that the green is on the left and the red on the right. Similarly, do that with your blue and yellow pants; with yellow on the left and blue on the right. You will look like the most powerful Microsoft’s logo. Wear a skullcap with wires protruding out and a Hololens like eyewear to go with. And so, you are all ready to enter the Halloween party as Microsoft’s deep learning acceleration platform for real-time AI.


Sophia, the humanoid

Enter with all the confidence and a top-to-toe professional attire. Be ready to answer any question thrown at you with grace and without a stroke of skepticism. And to top it off, sport a clean shaved head. And there, you are all ready to blow off everyone’s mind with a mix of beauty with super intelligent brains.  

Happy Halloween folks!


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