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Google plans to unveil a new gaming-related announcement on March 19th at the Game Developers Conference. This could possibly be based on their Project Stream announced last year.

Google teased this announcement to members of the press with a GIF that shows light at the end of a tunnel followed by the date March 19th and at the end are the words “Gather around”. There is no concrete information available about this but it is speculated that it’ll be a subscription based game streaming service using Project stream. Unveiling this service at the GDC would make a lot of sense as the conference will attract a lot of gamers.

A Hacker news user suggests: “Project Stream will probably allow those on Linux, macOS, and especially ChromeOS to play most games, including recent ones. Which may let people switch platform more easily and/or avoid dual-booting.

Source: Engadget

Another user thinks that the subscription service would need a partnership with gaming companies: “If it is Project Stream, Google better announce some serious partnerships alongside the service. Their best bet would probably be to outright buy a major publisher,

Generative AI at work

Google is not alone or first, in this space, Microsoft also has a game streaming service called xCloud. Amazon is also building a game streaming service. The idea is to handle the graphics-heavy computation at the server end and the users will be able to ‘stream’ the game without the need for high-end hardware.

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Generative AI at work
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