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Just two days ago, the team at Google announced Season of Docs, a new program which will connect technical writers with open source projects. Season of Docs will help in bringing technical writers and open source projects together in order to work on open source documentation.

According to Open Source Survey, documentation is valued in open source communities but it is still difficult to work on it. A person dealing with the documentation needs to know how to structure a documentation site so that people can easily understand the content and only technical writers can do that. Another plus point is that they are aware of the procedures of writing docs that can fit the needs of their audience. Technical writers can help in optimizing a community’s processes for open source contribution and onboarding new contributors.

With Season of Docs, technical writers can spend a few months working closely with open source communities. Writes can work with their chosen open source project and also explore the latest technologies.

Mentors from open source organizations can share their knowledge based on their communities’ processes and tools. The technical writers and mentors together can build a new doc set and improve the structure of the existing docs. They can also work on tutorials and further improve contribution processes and guides. According to the team, this project will raise awareness about open source, docs, and technical writing.

The open source organizations can apply for participating in Season of Docs starting from 2nd to 23rd of April. Google will then publish the list of accepted mentoring organizations, along with their ideas for documentation projects from 30th April. In July, Google will announce the accepted technical writer projects. The technical writers will get a chance to work with mentors on the accepted projects and submit their work between 2nd September and 29th November. Google will then publish the list of successfully completed projects by 10th December.

To know more about this news, check out Google’s blog post.

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