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Last week, Google announced that they have made some enhancements in the Wear OS design to provide users a quicker access to information and notifications, proactive help from Google Assistant, and smarter health coaching.

Following are some of the improvements they have added to make the user experience better.

Notifications on a single scrollable pane

To check your notifications at once, you simply need to swipe up. A major improvement is, all notifications are displayed on a single scrollable pane as opposed to having them fill the entire screen one by one. If you receive a message and want to quickly reply to it, you can use a built-in smart reply.

Shortcuts and handy features

To view shortcuts and handy features you simply have to swipe down. The Quick Settings pane is slightly revamped with two buttons, one for finding your phone and another for Google Pay.

Smart suggestions from your Google Assistant

Users will now receive a proactive and personalized feed of information from Google Assistant. To view this feed you need to swipe right. Based on your plan, it will give you predictive information about your day. You can plan your day, get answers, and manage your tasks with the help of Google Assistant. To invoke Google Assistant, long press the power button or say “Hey Google”.

Start and track your workout goals

Recently Google released Google Fit with two new activity goals, namely, Heart Points and Move Minutes. These are based on the activity recommendations by American Heart Association and the World Health Organization, which are shown to have health benefits for your heart and mind. You can swipe left to start and track your workout goals. To stay motivated you can also download or stream your favourite music.

The smartwatches are available in various brands such as, Fossil, Huawei, Emporio Armani, and Casio, leaving behind the old boring design.

To read the official announcement, head over to the blog posted by Google.

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