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This week, the team at Google Cloud announced the Beta version of Traffic Director, a networking management tool for service mesh, at the Google Cloud Next. Traffic Director Beta will help network managers understand what’s happening in their service mesh. Service mesh is a network of microservices that creates the applications and the interactions between them.

Features of Traffic Director Beta

Fully managed with SLA

Traffic Director’s production-grade features have 99.99% SLA. Users don’t have to worry about deploying and managing the control plane.

Traffic management

With the help of Traffic Director, users can easily deploy everything from simple load balancing to advanced features like request routing and percentage-based traffic splitting.

Build resilient services

Users can keep their service up and running by deploying it across multiple regions as VMs or containers. Traffic Director can be used for delivering global load balancing with automatic cross-region overflow and failover. With Traffic Director users can deploy their service instances in multiple regions while requiring only a single service IP.


Traffic Director handles the growth in deployments and it manages to scale for larger services and installations.

Traffic management for open service proxies

This management tool provides a GCP (Google Cloud Platform)-managed traffic management control plane for xDSv2-compliant open service proxies like Envoy.

Generative AI at work

Compatible with VMs and containers

Users can deploy their Traffic Director-managed VM service and container instances with the help of managed instance groups and network endpoint groups.

Supports request routing policies

This tool supports routing features like traffic splitting and enables use cases like canarying, URL rewrites/redirects, fault injection, traffic mirroring, and advanced routing capabilities that are based on header values such as cookies.

To know more about this news, check out Google Cloud’s official page.

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Generative AI at work