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On 11th March, Google Cloud team received a report of an issue with Google Cloud Console and Google Cloud Dataflow. Mitigation work to fix the issue was started on the same day as per Google Cloud’s official page.

According to Google post, “Affected users may receive a “failed to load” error message when attempting to list resources like Compute Engine instances, billing accounts, GKE clusters, and Google Cloud Functions quotas.” As a workaround, the team suggested the use of gcloud SDK instead of the Cloud Console. No workaround was suggested for Google Cloud Dataflow.

While the mitigation was underway, another update was posted by the team:
“The issue is partially resolved for a majority of users. Some users would still face trouble listing project permissions from the Google Cloud Console.”

The issue which began around 09:58 Pacific Time, was finally resolved around 16:30 Pacific Time on the same day. The team said that they will conduct an internal investigation of this issue and “make appropriate improvements to their systems to help prevent or minimize future recurrence. They will also provide a more detailed analysis of this incident once they have completed our internal investigation.”  There is no other information revealed as of today.

This downtime affected a  majority of Google Cloud users.

Head over to Google Cloud’s official page for more insights on this news.

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