Generative AI at work
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Last month Google announced Cloud Text-to-Speech, their speech synthesis API that features DeepMind and WaveNet models. Now, they have announced their largest overhaul of Cloud Speech-to-Text (formerly known as Cloud Speech API) since it was introduced in 2016.

Google’s Speech-to-Text API has been enhanced for business use cases, including phone-call and video transcription. With this new Cloud Speech-to-Text update one can get access to the latest research from Google’s machine learning expert team, all via a simple REST API. It also supports Standard service level agreement (SLA) with 99.9% availability.

Here’s a sneak peek into the latest updates to Google’s Cloud Speech-to-Text API:

New video and phone call transcription models: Google has added models created for specific use cases such as phone call transcriptions and transcriptions of audio from and phone call transcription model - Cloud Speech-to-TextVideo and phone call transcription models

Readable text with automatic punctuation: Google created a new LSTM neural network to improve automating punctuation in long-form speech transcription. This Cloud Speech-to-Text model, currently in beta, can automatically suggest commas, question marks, and periods for your text.

Use case description with recognition metadata: The information taken from transcribed audio or video with tags such as ‘voice commands to a Google home assistant’ or ‘soccer sport tv shows’, is aggregated across Cloud Speech-to-Text users to prioritize upcoming activities.

Generative AI at work

To know more about this update in detail visit Google’s blog post.

Generative AI at work


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