GNU Radio releases with new dependencies, Python 2 and 3 compatibility, and much more!

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Last week, the team behind GNU Radio announced the release of GNU Radio 3.8, a free and open-source software development toolkit. GNU Radio comes with a few major changes and deprecations.

Major changes in GNU Radio


With this release, new dependencies have been introduced including MPIR/GMP, Qt5, codec2, gsm. The team has removed few of the dependencies including libusb, Qt4, and CppUnit

Python compatibility

This release is Python 2 and Python 3 compatible. Also, GNU Radio 3.8 is going to be the last Py2k-compatible release series.

Gengen got replaced

Gengen (GENerator GENerator) a tool that generates a text generator got replaced by templates.


The team has reworked on fractional tag time handling which is in the context of resamplers

C++ generation

In this release, C++ generation has been introduced as an option.


The gr_modtool has also improved now.

Some deprecations in GNU Radio 3.8 


Modules gr-comedi, gr-fcd and gr-wxgui have been removed.


Gr-comedi has been removed as it had 0 active code contributions in the 3.7 lifecycle.


Gr-fcd is getting removed as it is currently untestable by the CI and as there were no code contributions.

It seems few users are excited to experiment with GNU Radio 3.8 in the near future. A user commented on HackerNews, “GNU Radio is one of those examples of free software being hyper-niche yet super successful. It’s something I want to start playing with in the near future.”

To know more about this news, check out the official post by GNURadio.

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