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Yesterday, the GNU APL version 1.8 was released with bug fixes, FFT, GTK, RE, user defined APL commands and more.

GNU APL is a free interpreter for the programming language APL.

What’s new in GNU APL 1.8?

  • Bug fixes,
  • FFT (fast fourier transforms; real, complex, and windows),
  • GTK (create GUI windows from APL),
  • RE (regular expressions),
  • User-defined APL commands,
  • An interface from Python into GNU APL.With this interface one can use
  • APL’s vector capabilities in programs written in Python.

People are excited to use the GNU APL 1.8 version.

A user on Hacker News states that “1Wow, each of ⎕FFT, ⎕GTK and ⎕RE are substantial and impressive additions! Thank you, and congratulations on the new release!

Another user says that “APL can do some pretty cool stuff

Another user comments “I’d like to play with this as it is a free APL that I could use for work without paying a license (like Dyalog APL requires). J is another free array language, but it doesn’t use the APL characters that I enjoy. I’ve had a little trouble in the past getting it to install (this was version 1.7) on Ubuntu. Granted I’ve never been an expert at installing from source, but a more in-depth installation guide or YouTube tutorial would help some.

Thanks for doing this btw! I hope to eventually get to check this out!”

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