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Yesterday, the team at GNOME released the latest version of GNOME 3, GNOME 3.32, a free open-source desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems. This release comes with improvements to desktop, web and much more.

What’s new in GNOME 3.32?

Fractional Scaling

Fractional scaling is available as an experimental option that includes several fractional values with good visual quality on any given monitor. This feature is a major enhancement for the GNOME desktop. It requires manually adding scale-monitor-framebuffer to the settings keyorg.gnome.mutter.experimental-features.

Improved data structures in GNOME desktop

This release comes with improvements to foundation data structures in the GNOME Desktop for faster and snappier feel to the animations, icons and top shell panel. The search database has been improved which helps in searching faster. Even the on-screen keyboard has been improved, it now supports an emoji chooser.

New automation mode in the GNOME Web

GNOME Web now comes with a new automation mode which allows the application to be controlled by WebDriver. The reader mode has been enhanced now that features a set of customizable preferences and an improved style. With this release, the touchpad users can now take advantage of more gestures while browsing. For example, swipe left or right to go back or forward through browsing history.

New settings for permissions

Settings come with a new “Application Permissions” panel that shows resources and permissions for various applications, including installed Flatpak applications. Users can now grant permissions to certain resources when requested by the application. The Sound settings have been enhanced for supporting a vertical layout and an intuitive placement of options. With this release, the night light color temperature can now be adjusted for a warmer or cooler setting.


GNOME Boxes tries to enable 3D acceleration for virtual machines if both the guest and host support it. This leads to better performance of graphics-intensive guest applications such as games and video editors.

Application Management from multiple sources

This release can handle apps available from multiple sources, such as Flatpak and distribution repositories. With this release, Flatpak app entries now can list the permissions required on the details page. This will give users a comprehensive understanding of what data the software will need access to. Even browsing application details will get faster now with the new XML parsing library used in this release.

To know more about this release, check out the official announcement.

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