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GLFW is traditionally the OpenGL library that offers a basic API for the creation of windows/contexts/surfaces across software platforms. GLFW version 3.3 is now available with exciting feature enhancements to it. GLFW works for both desktop and mobile, various devices, and works across all major operating systems while being under the liberal Zlib license.

Notable for macOS users is that GLFW 3.3 now supports Vulkan on macOS via the MoltenVK library that translates Vulkan calls for Apple Metal driver usage. The increase in Vulkan support on macOS is great to see and ultimately benefits Linux users/gamers too by allowing Vulkan to be a single common denominator across platforms and making it an attractive target for game engine developers.

GLFW 3.3 also has improvements around HiDPI and display scaling, raw mouse motion input support, transparent windows and frame-buffer handling, and other configuration tunables.

Get to know about more details on GLFW 3.3 via GLFW.org.

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