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Yesterday, the team at GitLab released GitLab 12.3, a DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a Git-repository manager. This release comes with Web Application Firewall, Productivity Analytics, new Environments section and much more.

What’s new in GitLab 12.3?

Web Application Firewall

In GitLab 12.3, the team has shipped the first iteration of the Web Application Firewall that is built in the GitLab SDLC platform. The Web Application Firewall focuses on monitoring and reporting the security concerns related to Kubernetes clusters. 

Productivity Analytics 

From GitLab 12.3, the team has started releasing Productivity Analytics that will help teams and their leaders in discovering the best practices for better productivity. This release will help in drilling into the data and learning insights for improvements in future. Group level analytics workspace can be used to provide performance insight, productivity, and visibility across multiple projects.

Environments section

This release comes with “Environments” section in the cluster page that gives an overview of all the projects that are making use of the Kubernetes cluster.

License compliance 

License Compliance feature can be used to disallow a merger when a blacklisted license is found in a merge request. 

Keyboard shortcuts

This release comes with the new ‘n’ and ‘p’ keyboard shortcuts that can be used to move to the next and previous unresolved discussions in Merge Requests.

System hooks

System hooks allow automation by triggering requests whenever a variety of events in GitLab take place.

Multiple IP subnets

This release introduces the ability to specify multiple IP subnets so instead of specifying a single range, it is now possible for large organizations to restrict incoming traffic to their specific needs.

GitLab Runner 12.3

Yesterday, the team also released GitLab Runner 12.3, an open-source project that is used for running CI/CD jobs and sending the results back to GitLab.

Audit logs

In this release, the audit logs for push events are disabled by default for preventing performance degradation on GitLab instances.

Few GitLab users are unhappy as some of the features of this release including Productivity Analytics are available to Premium or Ultimate users only.

To know more about this news, check out the official page.

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