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GitLab 11.4 was released yesterday with new features like merge request reviews, feature flags, and many more.

Merge request reviews in GitLab 11.4

This feature will allow a reviewer to draft unlimited comments in a merge request as per preference. It will ensure consistency and then submit them all as a single action. A reviewer can spread their work over many sessions as the drafts are saved to GitLab.

The draft comments appear as normal individual comments once they are submitted. This allows individual team members flexibility. They can review code the way they want, it will still be compatible with the entire team.

Create and toggle feature flags for applications

This alpha feature gives users the ability to create and manage feature flags for software directly in the product. It is as simple as creating a new feature flag and validating it using simple API instructions. Then you have the ability to control the behavior of the software in the field via the feature flag within GitLab. Feature flags offer a feature toggle system for applications.

File tree for browsing merge request diff

The file tree summarizes both the structure and size of the change. It is similar to diff-stats which provides an overview of the change thereby improving navigation between diffs. Search allows reviewers to limit code review to a subset of files. This simplifies reviews by specialists.

Suggest code owners as merge request approvers

It is not always obvious as to which person is the best to review changes. The code owners are now shown as suggested approvers when a merge request is created or edited. This makes assigning the right person easy.

New user profile page overview

With GitLab 11.4, a redesigned profile page overview is introduced. It shows your activity via the familiar but shortened contribution graph. It displays the latest activities and most relevant personal GitLab projects.

Set and show user status message within the user menu

Setting your status is even more simple with GitLab 11.4. There is a new “Set status” item in the user menu which provides a fresh modal allowing users to set and clear their status right within context. In addition, the status you set is also shown in your user menu, on top of your full name and username.

There are some more features like:

  • Move the ability to use includes in .gitlab-ci.yml from starter to core
  • Run all jobs only/except for modifications on a path/file
  • Add timed incremental rollouts to Auto DevOps
  • Support Kubernetes RBAC for GitLab managed apps
  • Auto DevOps support for RBAC
  • Support PostgreSQL DB operations for Auto DevOps
  • Other improvements for searching projects, UX improvements, and Geo improvements

For a complete list of features visit the GitLab website.

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