Gitlab 11.2 releases with preview changes in Web IDE, Android Project Import and more

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Gitlab released version 11.2 with new features to help developers get started and iterate faster. Major improvements in this version are enhancements to the Web IDE, support for manifesting files to import Android projects, and custom project templates enabled. Let us look at each in detail:

Preview changes in Web IDE

  • Contributing changes to your projects with an advanced code editor and commit staging right within your browser will be faster and easier with the new WebIDE version.
  • You can now easily see the effect of your code change and debug even before you commit with the Gitlab 11.2.
  • You can now preview your JavaScript web app in the Web IDE, viewing your changes in real time, right next to the code for client-side evaluation.
  • In addition, with 11.2, you can delete and rename files and switch branches without ever leaving the Web IDE.

Android Project Import

Simplified Cloud Native & more features

Major changes and improvements are contributed by the Gitlab community itself. Check out the Gitlab page for more details.

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