GitHub introduces Content Attachments API (beta)

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Yesterday, the team at GitHub released Content Attachments API (beta) that allows the GitHub app to provide more information for URLs that are linked to registered domains.

Why Content Attachments API?

Users share a lot of links on GitHub and nearly one-third of the comments on pull requests and issues include a link. Each link has some important content attached to it. And while going through each of the links, the user gets navigated away from the current context and loses their focus. This process is time-consuming and at times affects productivity. With Content Attachments API, the content behind each URL can be embedded directly in the conversation on GitHub.

New GitHub apps using Content Attachments API


RunKit, is an interactive Node environment that makes it easy for the users to file, reproducible and runnable bug reports for Node.js projects. RunKit notebooks packages the environment within a container that could be shared with a URL for giving access to project maintainers. With the help of Content Attachments API, a RunKit link can now show the contents of the entire notebook and its output.


LeanBoard, a whiteboard with sticky notes helps the remote teams to collaborate in real-time. A snapshot of the board can also be pulled into the related GitHub issue. Now, with Content Attachments API, it is possible to drop a link in an issue or pull request to preserve the conversation. The screenshots in content attachments also get updated automatically, every five minutes, as the board changes.


CloudApp features screen recording, video messaging, screenshot annotation, and GIF creation. With CloudApp and the Content Attachments API, users can paste URL for rendering a GIF or screenshot in an issue.


With Lucidchart, users can create and collaborate on architecture diagrams, flowcharts,  mockups, user flows, and other visuals in real time. With Content Attachments API, users can now add these visuals to a GitHub issue and these diagrams automatically update as the system gets updated.

It would be interesting to see if GitHub also implements frame previews in the issues or pull requests. Users are still curious about this release and have questions if the Content Attachments API support iframes or just the markdown.

To get started with how to use the Content Attachments API, check out GitHub’s blog.

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