GitHub has passed an incredible 100 million repositories

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It has been a big year for GitHub. The code sharing platform has this year celebrated its 10th birthday, been bought by Microsoft for an impressive $7.5 billion, and has now reached an astonishing 100 million repositories.

While there will be rumblings of discontent following the huge Microsoft acquisition, it doesn’t look like threats to leave GitHub have come to fruition. True, it has only been a matter of weeks since Microsoft finally took over, but there are no signs that GitHub is losing favor with developers.

1 in 3 of all GitHub repositories were created in 2018

According to GitHub, 1 in 3 of the 100 million repositories were created in 2018. That demonstrates the astonishing growth of the platform, and just how embedded it is within the day to day life of software engineers. This is further underlined by more data in GitHub’s Octoverse report, published in October. “We’ve seen more new accounts in 2018 so far than in the first six years of GitHub combined,” the report states.

Perhaps the new relationship with Microsoft has actually helped push GitHub from strength to strength – MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs is the fastest growing repository in 2018. Of course, some credit should probably go to Microsoft as well – the organization has done a lot to change its image and ethos, becoming much more friendly towards open source software.

Meanwhile, at Packt, we’ve been delighted to play a small part in helping GitHub get to its 100 million milestone. Earlier this year we hit 2,000 project repos.

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