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Many of you may remember GIMP from school if you weren’t using MS Paint instead. The open-source cross-platform image editor is free to use and to modify the source code. GIMP is associated with the non-profit GNOME, a Linux desktop environment.

The $100K donation given to them is a part of the $400K donation made to GNOME by Handshake.org in early August. Now 25 percent of this donation will go to GIMP. After the release of GIMP 2.10.6, hopefully, this donation helps them to accomplish their next GTK3-ported GIMP 3.0 release.

In May this year, an anonymous donor pledged $1M to the GNOME foundation over the course of next two years. This donation enabled them to put up job listings for four additional roles of Development Coordinator, Program Coordinator, DevOps/Sysadmin, and GTK+ core developer.

Their website states “We thank both Handshake.org and GNOME Foundation for the generous donation and will use the money to do much overdue hardware upgrade for the core team members and organize the next hackfest to bring the team together, as well as sponsor the next instance of Libre Graphics Meeting.

Handshake.org was launched on August 2 this year. It is a decentralized certificate authority and peer-to-peer DNS service. Handshake.org is donating about $10 million to non-profits and free/open-source projects. Handshake’s purpose is not to replace the DNS protocol. But it aims at replacing the root zone file and root servers with a public commons.

Their website states: “Handshake’s original incubators, Purse.io and Private Internet Access, provided enough support to build and launch the platform without additional funding. In the spirit of free software and radical gifting we’ve taken the validation value from this project and shared it with the world.

The details are posted on the official GIMP website.

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