Getting started with Qt Widgets in Android [video]

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Qt is a powerful, cross-platform, graphics development framework. It provides a large set of consistent, standardized libraries and works on many major platforms, including embedded, mobile, desktop, and the web. Qt’s significant mobile offerings are aligned with the trend to go mobile. These include QtQuick, QML, Qt widgets in Android, and communicating between C++ and QML.

In this video, Benjamin Hoff introduces us to the Qt widgets in Android. He talks about how to install Qt Android environment, set up Qt creator for Android deployment, and to build for release.

This clip is taken from the course Mastering Qt 5 GUI Programming by Benjamin Hoff. With this course, you will master application development with Qt for Android, Windows, Linux, and web.

Installing Qt Android environment

  • Install Android SDK (Standard Development Kit) and Android NDK (Native Development Kit)
  • Install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) or OpenJDK on Linux
  • Compile Qt for the architecture you’re targeting, You can download it using the Qt online installer or install it using your package manager.

Watch the video to walk through each of the methods in detail. If you liked the video, don’t forget to check out the comprehensive course Mastering Qt 5 GUI Programming, packed with step-by-step instructions, working examples, and helpful tips and techniques on working with Qt.

About the author

Benjamin Hoff is a Mechanical Engineer by education who has spent the first 3 years of his career doing graphics processing, desktop application development, and facility simulation using a mixture of C++ and python under the tutelage of a professional programmer. After rotating back into a mechanical engineering job, Benjamin has continued to develop software utilizing the skills he developed during his time as a professional programmer.

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