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Get ready to learn and experience the very latest in data science and AI with expert-led trainings, workshops, and talks at ​ODSC West 2019 in San Francisco and ODSC Europe 2019 in London.

ODSC events are built for the community and feature the most comprehensive breadth and depth of training opportunities available in data science, machine learning, and deep learning. They also provide numerous opportunities to connect, network, and exchange ideas with data science peers and experts from across the country and the world.

What to expect at ODSC West 2019

ODSC West 2019 is scheduled to take place in San Francisco, California on Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019, 9:00 AM – Friday, Nov 1, 2019, 6:00 PM PDT. This year, ODSC West will host several networking events, including ODSC Networking Reception, Dinner and Drinks with Data Scientists, Meet the Speakers, Meet the Experts, and Book Signings Hallway Track.

Core areas of focus include Open Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Research frontiers, Data Science Kick-Start, AI for engineers, Data Visualization, Data Science for Good, and management & DataOps.

Here are just a few of the experts who will be presenting at ODSC:

  • Anna Veronika Dorogush, CatBoost Team Lead, Yandex
  • Sarah Aerni, Ph.D., Director of Data Science and Engineering, Salesforce
  • Brianna Schuyler, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Fenix International
  • Katie Bauer, Senior Data Scientist, Reddit, Inc
  • Jennifer Redmon, Chief Data Evangelist, Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Sanjana Ramprasad, Machine Learning Engineer, Mya Systems
  • Cassie Kozyrkov, Ph.D., Chief Decision Scientist, Google
  • Rachel Thomas, Ph.D., Co-Founder, fast.ai

Check out the conference’s more industry-leading speakers here. ODSC also conducts the Accelerate AI Business Summit, which brings together leading experts in AI and business to discuss three core topics: AI Innovation, Expertise, and Management.

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What to expect at ODSC Europe 2019

ODSC Europe 2019 is scheduled to take place in London, the UK on Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019 – Friday, Nov 22, 2019.

Europe Talks/Workshops schedule includes Thursday, Nov 21st and Friday, Nov 22nd. It is available to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond pass holders. Europe Trainings schedule includes Tuesday, November 19th and Wednesday, November 20th. It is available to Training,  Gold ( Wed Nov 20th only), Platinum, and Diamond pass holders.

Some talks scheduled to take place include ML for Social Good: Success Stories and Challenges, Machine Learning Interpretability Toolkit, Tools for High-Performance Python, The Soul of a New AI, Machine Learning for Continuous Integration, Practical, Rigorous Explainability in AI, and more.

ODSC has released a preliminary schedule with information on attending speakers and their training, workshop, and talk topics. The full schedule is going to be available soon. They’ve also recently added several excellent speakers, including

  • Manuela Veloso, Ph.D. | Head of AI Research, JP Morgan
  • Dr. Wojciech Samek | Head of Machine Learning, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
  • Samik Chandanara | Head of Analytics and Data Science, JP Morgan
  • Tom Cronin | Head of Data Science & Data Engineering, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Gideon Mann, Ph.D. | Head of Data Science, Bloomberg, LP

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