Future of ESLint support in TypeScript

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In a blog post, the ESLint team talks about the future of ESLint on TypeScript. Earlier, the TypeScript team talked about their future and including ESLint into their repository to improve compatibility between the two. Based on the feedback from the TypeScript community, it was discovered that the linting experience was not that good in TypeScript. They then announced support for both ESLint and TSLint. The former worked well with TypeScript while TSLint would cause duplicate work and induce some breaking changes. Also, some lint rules were not present in TSLint. Hence the focus has been on incorporating ESLint.

Many members from the ESLint team have been working to improve its compatibility with TypeScript. The focus of this earlier work was on the TypeScript parser and typescript-eslint-parser. Other than that there were efforts also on eslint-plugin-typescript which was maintained by individual team members. The Typescript parser will become an important part in the integration of the two and the ESLint teams want to ensure its proper maintenance.

The typescript-eslint project

A key contributor working on ESLint compatibility in TypeScript, James Henry started the typescript-eslint project as a centralized repository. It contains all things pertaining to TypeScript ESLint compatibility and will be housing TypeScript parser, eslint-plugin-typescript, and other utilities that aid in the TypeScript ESLint integration. However, the ESLint team itself won’t be formally a part of this project but seem to be supportive of Henry’s efforts.

ESLint’s future in TypeScript

The ESLint official team will no longer maintain the typescript-eslint-parser. The repository is now archived and there will be no future released of typescript-eslint-parser in npm. Users who are using typescript-eslint-parser are advised to switch to @typescript-eslint/parser. The typescript-eslint repository will be updated for any new developments on ESLint support in TypeScript.

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