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After announcing their plans of introducing a web browser for virtual and augmented reality headsets earlier this year, Mozilla launched Firefox Reality 1.0 yesterday. The browser will be available in the Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores.

What features will you find in Firefox Reality?

The browser is built from the ground up to work on mixed reality headsets with the following features:

Voice search

Typing a search query when you are wearing a VR headset is not a pleasant experience. Using Firefox Reality you can search the web using your voice.

Smooth and fast performance

Firefox Reality uses Quantum engine, which Mozilla calls “the next-generation web engine for Firefox users”. With the help of this engine, it provides a smooth, fast, and secure user experience.

Switch between 2D and 3D mode

Firefox Reality supports both 2D and 3D mode for web search. You can seamlessly switch between these two modes according to your preference.

The home screen becomes your entertainment hub

You can find games, videos, stories, and other entertainment content directly on the home screen. The mixed reality team is working with more creators around the world to bring more engaging content to the browser.

What’s in the future?

In the announcement, they have mentioned that they will soon be launching Firefox Reality 1.1. We can expect more features in the coming release such as support for bookmarks, 360 videos, accounts, and more.

Mozilla has actively been contributing in the mixed reality world by introducing WebVR, WebAR, and A-Frame. With the release of Firefox Reality they have taken the next step to make it the best browser for mixed reality:

“We are in this for the long haul. This is version 1.0 of Firefox Reality and version 1.1 is right around the corner. We have an always-growing list of ideas and features that we are working to add to make this the best browser for mixed reality. We will also be listening and react quickly when we need to provide bug fixes and other minor updates.”

To see read more about Firefox Reality, check out Mozilla’s official announcement.

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