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Earlier this month, the Firefox team released the Firefox Preview 3.0 with various features to make browsing and bookmarking safer and easier. This release features a default Enhanced Tracking Protection feature for all users, and notifications support for long-running downloads.

Key features in Firefox Preview 3.0

Enhanced tracking protection

The Enhanced tracking protection will protect you from ads, analytics, cryptomining and fingerprinting trackers.

Open links in private tabs by default

Firefox Preview 3.0 lets you open pages directly in private browsing, so you can search and browse without saving any history on the browser.

Option to clear browsing information on exit

The Quit option in the menu automatically deletes your browsing history every time they exit Firefox through that Quit option.

Option to choose what information should be synced across devices 

In this release you can choose what types of browsing information should be synced across devices.

Set an autoplay or background behavior

The latest Firefox Preview gives you lots of options for playing video and audio on phones, including background playback and auto-play settings.

See and manage downloads

You can easily download files from various sites within Firefox Preview. A progress bar displays in the Notifications panel when the download begins, giving you the ability to pause/resume or cancel the download. If the download fails, tap Try Again to restart it. If the download is successful, a confirmation pop-up displays where you can tap Open to open the file.

Updated browser menu

An updated browser menu has replaced the Quick Action bar present in older versions of Firefox.

Manually add search engines

Firefox Preview gives the ability to set a default search engine. There are a variety of search engines to choose from such as Google and Bing. You can also manually add other search engines and set them as your default.

Move the navigation bar to the top or bottom

By default, the Firefox Preview navigation bar displays at the bottom of the app. However, you can move it to the top of the app if desired.

Force enable zoom

With this, you’ll always have the ability to zoom in when accessing various websites. You can use the + sign that displays at the bottom of every website within Firefox Preview to zoom in if necessary.

To know more about this release in detail, check out the official Firefox blog page.

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