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Firefox has been experimenting with some intriguing new apps as part of its ‘Test Pilot’ scheme: Firefox Lockbox and Firefox Notes. Both are, according to Mozilla, “the first steps toward bringing Mozilla’s mission of privacy, security and control to mobile apps beyond the browser.” Both Lockbox and Notes are Firefox’s first venture into mobile for its Test Pilot scheme.

  • Find Firefox Lockbox here.
  • Find Firefox Notes here.

What is Firefox Lockbox for iOS?

Firefox Lockbox is essentially a password manager for iOS. It allows you to log into an app – like Twitter or Facebook, for example – without opening a web page.

What is Firefox Notes?

Firefox Notes is a note taking application for Android. It allows users to sync their notes across different devices. It’s basically a multi-platform, cloud-based note taking app. Firefox is also keen to point out that these notes “are encrypted from end-to-end, which means that only you can read them.”

What is Firefox’s Test Pilot scheme?

Firefox’s Test Pilot scheme allows users to try out Firefox applications and features before they’re officially released. It allows developers to get useful feedback quickly so they can iterate, or even kill the apps before they go properly live. The Activity Stream feature in Firefox’s desktop browser started life in Test Pilot.

To try out any of the Test Pilot features – including Lockbox and Notes – all you need is a Firefox account and the Firefox sync plugin set up. If you use Firefox regularly, it could be well worth your while taking part in the project. You could provide some really useful feedback and help the development team improve the product.

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