Fedora 30 Beta released with desktop environment options, GNOME 3.32, and much more

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Just two days ago, the team at Fedora announced the release of Fedora 30 Beta to test its six variants including a workstation, server, silverblue, spins, Labs, and ARM. This release comes with GNOME 3.32, improved performance and much more.

What’s new in Fedora 30 Beta?

Desktop environment options

This release features two new options for the desktop environment, namely DeepinDE, a user-friendly domestic desktop by Deepin Technology Co. and Pantheon Desktop, mainly used in the elementary OS and is least customizable.

Improved DNF performance

This release features zchunk format which is a new compression format designed for highly efficient deltas. All the DNF (Dandified YUM) repository metadata is now compressed with the zchunk format in addition to xz or gzip. When Fedora’s metadata is compressed using zchunk, DNF downloads only the differences between earlier copies of the metadata and the current version.

GNOME 3.32

This release comes with GNOME 3.32, which is the latest version of GNOME 3. It features updated visual style, improved user interface, icons, and much more.

Testing needed

Since it is a beta release, users might encounter bugs or experience that some of the features are missing. Users can report issues encountered during testing by contacting the Fedora QA team via the mailing list or in #fedora-qa on Freenode.

Updated packages

This release includes updated versions of many popular packages including Golang, GNU C Library, Bash shell, Python, and Perl.

Major changes

  • Binary support for deprecated and unsafe functions have been removed from libcrypt.
  • Python 2 package has been removed from this release.
  • In this release, language support groups in Comps file has been replaced by rich dependencies in the langpacks package.
  • Obsolete scriplets have been removed from this release.

Few users are excited about this release but others are still facing some bugs and dependency issues since it is the beta version.

To know more about this news, check out the official post by Fedora Magazine.

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