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Today, Fauna, announced the integration of its serverless cloud database FaunaDB with Netlify to help developers build and deploy modern stateful serverless apps. As part of this new integration, it will also integrate with Netlify O-Auth and provide users with single sign-on (SSO) access to their database through FaunaDB Cloud console or Shell.

The FaunaDB integration with Netlify will increase the productivity of users as data will now be immediately available without any additional provisioning steps. This has been a long withstanding demand from the JAMStack community as users used to find this process inconvenient.

The CEO of Fauna, Evan Weaver says, “This integration is significant for developers, who by and large are moving to serverless platforms to build next-generation applications, yet many of them don’t have experience building and provisioning databases. Users also benefit because they can now build an app with a full-featured version of FaunaDB and easily deploy it on the Netlify platform.”

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On the other hand, through this end-to-end integration, Netlify users will also be able to create serverless database instances from within the Netlify Platform. They can also log in to the FaunaDB Cloud Console with their Netlify account credentials.

Matt Biilmann, the Netlify CEO says, “Now our users can use FaunaDB as a stateful backend for their apps with no additional provisioning. They can also test and iterate within it’s generous free tier, and transparently scale as the project achieves critical mass. The new FaunaDB Add-on is a great enhancement to our platform.”

How will users benefit with the FaunaDB add-on for Netlify

  • Users will be able to instantly create a FaunaDB database instance from within the Netlify development environment.
  • Query data via GraphQL or use the Fauna Query Language (FQL) for complex functions.
  • Data can be accessed using relational, document, graph and temporal models.
  • The full range of FaunaDB’s capabilities like built-in authentication, transparent scalability and multi-tenancy is available for users
  • An existing Netlify credentials via O-Auth can be used to directly login to a FaunaDB account.
  • Database instances can be managed by the add-on through FaunaDB Cloud Console and Shell for easy use.

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