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iOlite Labs have developed a Google Translate clone known as the FAE (Fast Adaptation Engine). This new engine can quickly adapt to any known language as its input, and further outputs results in the user’s desired programming language.

The iOlite labs team, at present, is focusing on facilitating the huge need for smart contract development through the programming language Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain. This means, iOlite is all set to dissolve the existing technical learning boundaries:

  • Programmers can write smart contracts using their existing skills in programming languages such as Python, C, JavaScript, and so on.
  • Non-programmers can also write smart contracts using natural languages such as English.

Although this new engine is free to use, it encourages inter-collaboration of intermediate programmers and expert developers to benefit greatly in two ways. Firstly, auditing the writing process of an author’s smart contract, and secondly by developing/optimizing features.

The developers will receive small fees in the form of iLT tokens each time they audit a smart contract or when the features that they have developed are used. This illuminates two of three actors in the ecosystem, regular users (either authors or customers) and contributors (developers/auditors).

Currently, iOlite is focussed on smart contracts, which means entering via the intelligence market. However, there can be numerous applications that can include insurance underwriters, lawyers, financial services, businesses, automation, and so on. iOlite, as a collective macro-system is a knowledge generator, it inherently fosters the best features to win through market forces, making it an ideal model for finding truth. As this journey of iOlite advances, it aims to provide solutions for many more language-system problems, such as formal ones in mathematics, and maybe even bridging a gap between natural and formal definitions in fields like neuropsychology, and so on.

Read more on this tool in detail along with real-world examples on iOlite’s whitepaper.

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