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Facebook and it’s family of apps Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instagram were hit by another major outage yesterday. This is their second outage within a month.  According to downdetector.com, issues started at 6:30 AM ET, leaving users unable to load fresh content on Instagram and Facebook or message each other via Whatsapp and Messenger. The issue was resolved at 9 AM ET the same day and Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all up and running.

Thousands of Facebook (and it’s other platform) users took to Twitter to share their issues creating memes about the outage.

Twitter saves the day!

Some also tweeted about how these platforms are controlling us to the extent that even a small break is unbearable.

Others used this opportunity to market their own products.

Facebook has not tweeted about the outage on its Twitter page or its developer site. However, in a statement to Verge, a Facebook spokesperson said, “Earlier today, some people may have experienced trouble connecting to the family of apps. The issue has since been resolved; we’re sorry for any inconvenience.” As per the Facebook nature, it slyly refused to shared details on what caused the blackout.

Just last month the Facebook family of apps were hit with a 14-hour long outage, the longest in its history. The blackout caused a bigger hit to the revenue of advertisers on Facebook that spend large amounts of money to reach potential customers on Facebook platforms. It wasn’t until over 24 hours later that Facebook finally apologized for the blackouts on Twitter blaming a server configuration change for the mishap.

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