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Express Gateway v1.13.0 was released yesterday. Express Gateway is a simple, agnostic, organic, and portable, microservices API Gateway built on Express.js. The release 1.13.0 drops support for Node 6.

What’s new in this version?


  • The development Dockerfile is updated to better leverage the caching. The COPY statements are included at the very bottom to leverage caching for all the layers. Developers need not manually create work directory, WORKDIR does that automatically.
  • In the Express Gateway v1.13.0, the automated deployment process has been updated to provide updated README to the official Helm chart.
  • The Express Gateway v1.13.0 policy file is updated to be exposed as a set of functions instead of as a class which does not really hold any state nor extended anywhere. It transforms the current policy to be a singleton class to an object which exports 3 functions. This might help people get started in hacking with Express Gateway.
  • They have updated all their dependencies before the minor release.


A lot of new changes have been made in Winston after the 3.0.0 migration. These include

  • A better default log level info which avoids using console.log in production code
  • They have updated all references in the code to use verbose to hide statements that do not matter
  • Added color to log context to differentiate between timestamp, context, level, and message
  • Deprecated different functions that aren’t used anywhere but are harming the general test coverage

Also, it is now possible to provide raw regular expression to Express Gateway’s CORS policy. This allows cors origin configuration to have regular expressions as values.

Read more about the release on Github.

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