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Last week, the team behind Emacs, the customizable libre text editor announced the first release candidate of Emacs 26.3. Again on Wednesday, the team announced a maintenance release, Emacs 26.3.

Key features in Emacs 26.3?

New GPG key for GNU ELPA

Emacs 26.3 now features a new GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) key for GNU ELPA package signature checking (GNU ELPA package is the default package repository for GNU Emacs).

New option to help-enable-completion-auto-load

This release also features a new option ‘help-enable-completion-auto-load’ that allows users to disable the new feature that was introduced in Emacs 26.1 which was responsible for loading files during the completion of ‘C-h f’ and ‘C-h v’.

Supports the Japanese Era name

This release now supports the new Japanese Era name.

Few users expected more changes in this release, a user commented on HackerNews, “So … only two relevant changes this time?” While others think that there are editors comparatively better than Emacs.

Another user commented, “I don’t want to start a flamewar, but I moved most things I was doing in Emacs to Textadept a while back because I found Textadept more convenient. That’s not to say TA does everything you can do in Emacs, but it replaced all of the scripting I was doing with Emacs. You have the full power of Lua inside TA. Emacs always has a lag when I start it up, whereas TA is instant. I slowly built up functionality inside TA to the point that I realized I could replace everything I was doing in Emacs.”

To know more about this news, check out the mailing thread.

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