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In our Skill Up Year in Review survey, we asked developers what they last spent $5 on. Here’s what a few of them said.

1. Coffee

Developers are machines that turn caffeine into code: over 300 surveyed developers last spent $5 on a coffee.

2. Apps and Games

“I swear, I only spent $5 on Candy Crush Saga purchases!”

3. A Casino Chip

We’re confident that spending $5 to skill up your tech knowledge is a better way to get rich than gambling. 😉

4. A Cat

We couldn’t find a picture of a cat on the internet; please accept this pug GIF instead.

5. Cat Pajamas

We managed to find a cat picture! We assume that ‘Cat Pajamas’ means pajamas to be worn by cats.

6. Bearings for an R2D2 droid


$5 is a better price than you’ll be charged at Tosche Station, that’s for sure. (Also, I’ve now fulfilled my obligatory Christmas 2016 Star Wars reference.)

7. Homeworld

We assume this is the game, but we’re charmed by the idea of being able to buy interplanetary real estate for $5.

8. Skilling Up!

Over 800 developers last spent their $5 on a book, course, or some other learning resource. Developers never really do stop learning!


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