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Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Photon release of Eclipse IDE. Also with this release, the community announced the support for Rust language. This support will give a native Eclipse IDE working experience for Rust developers. Eclipse IDE has been known for providing the IDE support and the learning demands for the Rust community. This release marks the thirteenth annual simultaneous release of Eclipse.

The important features in the Photon release as follows:

  1. Full Eclipse IDE support for building, debugging, running, and packaging Rust applications and giving a good user experience for Rust development.
  2. More support for C# for editing and debugging codes, this includes syntax coloring, autocomplete suggestions, diagnostics, and navigation.
  3. The Photon release has added some more frameworks to the IDE such as RedDeer (framework for building automated test), Yasson (Java framework for providing binding with JSON documents), JGit (Git for Java), among others.
  4. It also comes with some more updates and features for dynamic language toolkit, Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), PHP development tools, C/C++ development tools, tools for Cloud Foundry, dark theme and improvement in background color and popup dialogs.

Eclipse foundation has also introduced, what they called Language Server Protocol (LSP), with the Photon release. WIth the LSP based release, Eclipse will deliver support for popular and emerging languages in the IDE. With the normal release cycle, LSP will focus on keeping pace with the emerging tools and technologies andon the developers and their commercial needs in their future releases.

For more information on the Photon project and contributing to the Eclipse community, you can check out the Eclipse Meetup event.

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