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Last month, the team at Eclipse announced that Eclipse now supports Java 12.

What are the latest changes in support with Java 12

Updated project compliance and JRE

Eclipse comes with project compliance and JRE updated to 12 that changes the current project to be compatible with Java 12.

Preview features

Users can enable preview features in Java 12 by selecting Preferences > Java > Compiler > Enable preview features option. Users can further configure the problem severity of these preview features.

Set enable preview features

The issue with the Enable preview features option in preferences has been resolved.

Configure problem severity of preview features

Configure problem severity is now provided to update the problem severity of preview features in Java 12.

Default case has been added

Add ‘default’ option is now available to add a default case to the enhanced switch statement in Java 12.

Missing case statements

An option to add missing case statements has been provided for the enhanced switch statement in Java 12.

Java Editor

In the Java > Editor > Code Mining preference, users can now enable the Show parameter names option which will show the parameter name in method or constructor calls.

Java views and dialogs

An option to control the comment generation while creating module-info.java or package-info.java is now available.

To know more about this news, check out the post by Eclipse.

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