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Yesterday, the team at Eclipse release Eclipse 4.10.0, SDK project. Eclipse 4.10.0 is a part of Eclipse IDE 2018-12. This release features improved views, options, dialogs, Java editor and more.

Improvements to Eclipse 4.10.0

Views and dialogs

  • The Quick Switch Editor (Ctrl+E) dialog for editor selection has been improved and now shows the path of the resource along with its filename.
  • In Eclipse 4.10.0, the Workspace selection dialog shows completion proposals for making the process of picking a workspace with the keyboard easier.
  • It is now possible to convert a plug-in project to a modular project by selecting the Configure > Create module-info.java context menu. This creates the module-info.java file for the project.

Colors, Fonts preference page

  • The Colors and Font preference page has been updated and it now supports searching for font, font height, and font style.
  • The search has been updated allowing the users to quickly see where a font is used or where a specific style or size is used.
  • This release comes with a new option that disables API analysis builder on the Plug-in Development preference page.

Chevron button for hidden tabs

  • The chevron button now shows the number of tabs that are hidden.
  • It doesn’t have transparency artifacts anymore, which makes it more readable especially in the dark theme.

Added support for custom URL schemes in Eclipse 4.10.0

  • This release can handle custom URL schemes such as https, ssh, and git.
  • When a user clicks on a link with a specific custom URL scheme, Eclipse first starts and then handles the clicked link.
  • Users can now control the URL schemes that should be handled by the current Eclipse installation via General > Link Handlers preference page.

ContentAssistant class

  • The ContentAssistant class now allows consumers to configure whether the completion proposal trigger characters are honored or ignored.
  • If ContentAssistant.enableCompletionProposalTriggerChars(false) is used, then completion proposal trigger characters are ignored and the users have to press the Enter key to trigger insertion.
  • If ContentAssistant.enableCompletionProposalTriggerChars(true) is used, then completion proposal trigger characters can be used alongwith the Enter key to insert the proposal.
  • If the enableCompletionProposalTriggerChars(boolean) method is not called, then the default behaviour is equivalent to calling enableCompletionProposalTriggerChars(true) so that extra trigger characters are honored.

Java Editor

  • Eclipse 4.10.0 comes with a quick fix Change project compliance and JRE to 11.
  • This release comes with a quick assist, that allows adding var type to lambda parameters. This quick assist will only be available if the project compliance is Java 11 or above.
  • An option to set compiler compliance to 11 on a Java project is now available.
  • With this release, Java editor now shows the number of implementations and references for a Java element as decorative text (Code Minings) above the element.

Read more about this news on Eclipse’ blog.

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