Dropbox gets a major overhaul with updated desktop app, new Slack and Zoom integration

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Dropbox has revamped the traditional cloud storage service and announced a new unified version of its desktop app, the company is calling “the new Dropbox.” This new version would be a single workplace solution to help you organize content, connect tools, and bring work groups together unifying productivity tools such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce, Trello, and Zoom.

Dropbox is becoming a task-management app

The new version of the popular file sharing service wants to be your file tree, your finder and your desktop for the cloud.

  • Users can create and store shortcuts to any online project management and productivity tools alongside their content.
  • It has a unified search bar that lets you crawl across your computer’s file system and all your cloud storage across other productivity apps.
  • Users can add descriptions to folders to help the team understand more about the work they’re doing.
  • Key content can be highlighted by pinning it to the top of a workspace, and users can @mention people and assign to-dos.
  • Users can see file activity and keep tabs with a new team activity feed.
  • There’s also a “Send feedback” button in the lower-right side of the page to talk about how the update is working (or not working) for you in practice.

Search bar

New third party integrations: Slack and Zoom

Dropbox now integrates with Slack for seamless collaboration between content and communication. Users can start Slack conversations and share content to Slack channels directly from Dropbox.

Slack integration with dropbox

Users can also video conference with Zoom by connecting Zoom and calendar to Dropbox. From Dropbox, they can add and join Zoom Meetings where they can share files from their Dropbox.

The new Dropbox has got users quite excited.


Some others have commented that the new dropbox is massive in size.


However, some pointed out that the new file sharing service lacked privacy protections. Obviously, if it integrates with other productivity tools, there should be a mechanism to keep user data private.

The new file sharing service was launched on Tuesday for all of its 13 million business users across 400,000 teams plus its consumer tiers. Users can opt-in for early access and businesses can turn on early access in their admin panel.

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