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At KubeCon+CloudNativeCon this week, DigitalOcean announced the launch of its Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering to all developers. This is a limited release with full general availability planned for early 2019. DigitalOcean had first announced its container offering through an early access program in May this year followed by its limited availability in October.

Building up on the simplicity factor that was appreciated the most by customers, DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOK8s) claims to be a powerfully simple managed Kubernetes service. Once customers define the size and location of their worker nodes, DigitalOcean will provision, manage, and optimize the services needed to run a Kubernetes cluster. The DOK8s is easy to setup as well.

During the announcement, DigitalOcean VP of Product Shiven Ramji said that “Kubernetes promises to be one of the leading technologies in a developer’s arsenal to gain the scalability, portability and availability needed to build modern apps. Unfortunately, for many, it’s extremely complex to manage and deploy. With DigitalOcean Kubernetes, we make running containerized apps consumable for any developer, regardless of their skills or resources.”

The new release builds on the early access release of the service including capabilities like node provisioning, handling durable storage, firewall, load balancing and similar tools. Further, the new features added now include:

  • Guided configuration experiences to assist users in provisioning, configuring and deploying clusters
  • Open APIs to enable easy integrations with developer tools
  • Ability to programmatically create and update cluster and nodes settings
  • Expanded version support including Kubernetes version 1.12.1 with support for 1.13.1 shortly.
  • Support released for DOK8s in the DigitalOcean API, making it easy for users to create and manage their clusters through DigitalOcean’s API.
  • Effective pricing for DigitalOcean Kubernetes- Customers pay only for the underlying resources they use (Droplets, Block Storage, and Load Balancers)

Head over to DigitalOcean’s blog to know more about this announcement.

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