DeepCode, the AI startup for code review, raises $4M seed funding; will be free for educational use and enterprise teams with 30 developers

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Today, Deepcode, the tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help developers write better code, raised $4M in seed funding to expand it’s machine learning systems for code reviews. Deepcode plans to expand its supported list of languages (by including C#, PHP, and C/C++), improve the scope of code recommendations, and also grow the team internationally. It has also been revealed that Deepcode is working on its first integrated developer environment (IDE) project. The funding round was conducted by Earlybed, and the participants were 3VC and Btov Partners, DeepCode’s existing investor.

DeepCode has also announced a new pricing structure. Previously, it was only free for open source software development projects. Today, it announced that it will also be free for educational purposes and for enterprise teams with 30 developers.

Launched in 2016, DeepCode reviews bugs, alerts about critical vulnerabilities, and style violations in the earlier stages of software development. Currently, DeepCode supports Java, JavaScript, and Python languages. When a developer links their Github or Bitbucket accounts to DeepCode, the DeepCode bot processes millions of commits in the available open source software projects and highlights broken codes that can cause compatibility issues. In a statement to Venturebeat, Paskalev says that DeepCode saves 50% of developers time, spent on finding bugs.

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Earlybird co-founder and partner, Christian Nagel says, “DeepCode provides a platform that enhances the development capabilities of programmers. The team has a deep scientific understanding of code optimization and uses artificial intelligence to deliver the next breakthrough in software development.”

Many open source projects have been getting major investments from tech companies lately. Last year, the software giant Microsoft acquired the open source code platform giant GitHub for $7.5 billion. Another popular platform for distributed version control and source code management GitLab also raised a $100 million Series D funding. With the software industry growing, the amount of codes written has increased to a great extent thus requiring more testing and debugging. DeepCode receiving funds is definitely good news for the developer community.

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